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Welcome to the Online Parent Training!

The online training for parents who would like to improve their competence in stress management.

The Family Stress Management Online Training is a free Internet service for parents and educators who are engaged with children from 1 to 16 years of age. Take part in Online Parent Training and improve your capacity to handle stress connected to raising children– to be able to prevent or to manage periodic difficulties.

And that's the way it works!

work on each module
2. take part in the self-evaluation
3. print out the participant certifikate

The Online Parent Training was developed by specialized department of Clinical Psychology at Fribourg University. More about...

The Online Training was financialy supported by Health Promotion Switzerland, the Fribourg University, the Federal Social Insurance Office (FSIO), and the Culture Percent of MIGROS.

Even you can support our free service for parents. More about...

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Individual stress
Stress prevention
Managing stress
  Family stress  
  Do we experience too much stress in our family?
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